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How To Delete AdSense Account

How To Delete or Cancel Disapproved AdSense Account 101% Working

Is your Adsense account not being approved and you want to delete it, but you do not know that How To Delete AdSense Account So, you have selected the right article. We will tell you in this post / article how you can delete your Adsense account.
How To Delete AdSense Account

This is very beneficial for those people whose Adsense is neither being approved nor Disapprove.
Some of the people remain in Adsense Pending and when they try to create another Adsense account and get it verified, then a message comes from Adsense.
In which it is written that you already have an Adsense account.

Solution of these problems will be found in this post. Everything will be told step by step, after following these steps you will not have any problem and you will be able to delete your old Adsense Account easily.
And will be able to get approval from new Adsense Account.

But first of all, it is important to know whether it is necessary to delete the old Adsense account, if yes, why is it necessary.

Why it is important to delete Unapproved Adsense account

If you tried many times but your adsense account was not approved, then you should request for a new adsense account from another email id.

If your Adsense account was also disapprove and you would have applied from the new account. Then you too must have received a mail like this.

It is written in this mail that you already have an adsense account which is connected to your blog, you have to delete it first. 

But the question arises in our mind that if we are applying for a new adsense account, then why is it necessary to delete or cancle that old account?

This is because it is the policy of Adsense that you cannot have more than one adsense account. 

As long as you do not delete your old adsense account, by then adsense will feel that you are using that old adsense account and also using the new one. 

Therefore, you should apply for a new account only after cancelling the old account.

There are mainly two methods. You can delete or cancle the account using either of the two methods. 2nd method is easy for everyone.

How To Delete AdSense Account (2 Methods)

Which 2 methods I will tell you today, you can follow any of these. Both methods are easy and also safe.
How To Delete AdSense Account

Method Number 1-   Cancel Adsense account, Using Adsense Official Site

As you can see in the image above, this is the official site of Adsense, in the first way we will take the help of Adsense's official site to cancel the Adsense account.

  1. To cancle Adsense account, first of all you have to login to your adsense account (the account which cancell or delete).
  2. Now you have to click on the account button and then on the Settings button.
  3. Now you will see a link to 'Cancel account' in the account information.
  4. By clicking on this link, you can easily delete or cancel your Adsense account.
  5. Adsense account ko delete or Cancel kaise kare 60% solution to this question, you must have got it from Method Number 1 itself.

Method Number 2: Custom Link for Canceling unapproved Adsense account

Use of the 2nd method is for those people whose Adsense account does not have the option of 'Account information'.

This happens when you apply for a new Adsense account and your request gets rejected. Meaning, your Adsense account has been disapprove.
Settings, Payments, account information in such accounts, no such buttons are active, you will not be able to click on anyone.
How To Delete AdSense Account

How To Delete AdSense Account

In such a situation How To Delete AdSense Account.
Friends! It also has 2 solutions.

Solution number 1: In this method you have to apply again and after 40-40 minutes of applying, check your Adsense account again. After doing this, the button with payment and account information will be enabled in your Disapprove adsense account.
 After that you can easily cancel your Disapprove adsense account by following Method Number 1.

Solution number 2: You can use the custom adsense cancelation form.
With its help, any type of Adsense account can be canceled. This method is explained in detail in the heading below.

How to cancel disabled adsense account 

When Adsense account is disabled then we should cancel it. If we apply a new account without canceling the old account, then our account will never be approve.

For this, you have to fill a form on "Delete AdSense Account" of your Google Adsense, which should contain your name and the Publisher ID of the Adsense account.

You must fill the form you see in the image above. Click Here (Form)

How To Delete AdSense Account
How To Delete AdSense Account

  • Your First Name, as it is in your adsense account that you want to cancel.
  • Last name must also be the last name match used in the adsense account.
  • Contact email will be the same account which you are about to cancel.
  • The Publisher-Id will be the one you added to the head of your blog or website.
  • This box has to be checked.
  • You have to click on Submit by checking all the filled boxes once again.

  • If you do not understand what publisher id is, then you can easily know by looking in the image. (This is the same code that was paste in the head of his blog)
  • After doing all this, a Verification message will come in your Gmail.

  • Have to wait by clicking on this link. Disable adsense account will be canceled.
  • Friends! If you follow any of these methods, then in the last you will get this message.
  • "Your account was canceled"
  • You get this message within 2-4 hours of applying. After which you can apply again from another account.
  • But keep in mind that when you are applying from another account, the Verification Code of the first (Old) Account is not installed on your site.
  • Before canceling the Adsense account, make the site ad-free for 1-2 weeks.

Conclusion: How To Delete AdSense Account

In this post, we learned how to delete or cancel a Disabled Adsense account or Disapproved adsense account.
I am 100% sure that whatever method I have told you in this post, if you follow those methods, then your Disabled adsense account will be canceled, after which you will be able to apply for a new adsense account.

If you have any Confusion on  How To Delete AdSense Account, then tell us in the Comment box.and If You Have Any Quary Then Contact Us


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