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Best Free Keyword Research Tools : Keyword Research Free Tools in 2019

Keyword research tool for free

 If I ask you about best keyword research tools then you guys will tell about Ahref, SEMRush or Moz.

But if I ask you about the best free keyword research tools, then probably some of you will know about some such sites which gives the option to search Keyword in Free.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Today I am going to tell you about one such best free keyword research tools, with the help of which you will be able to search Long tail Keyword in Free.

Let us know how to do keyword research for free?

How to do Keyword research

The biggest factor behind ranking any post is Keyword Research.

To find the Best Keyword for your post, you have to take care of some small things.

Let us first know what should be kept in mind before choosing Keyword for blog post.

  1. New bloggers should always choose keywords with low competition.
  2. Keywords with low competition are those keywords which have more monthly months and articles are written less on it.
  3. Use Long Tail Keywords not using Short Tail Keywords.
  4. Short Tail Keywords and Long Tail keywords can be better understood by this example. What is SEO? (Short tail Keyword), What is SEO in Simple words? (Long Tail Keyword)
  5. Keyword density should not exceed 3%.

best free keyword research tools

This tool is linked to a website, you get 37+ SEO related tools on this website, but I will tell you about only one tool (Free Keyword research tool).

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Click here to Visit keyword research tool for seo,

Click Here For Keyword Research

Here you can search the keywords as well as check the SEO of your website, you can also check the Google rank of your keywords.

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I show you by searching for a Keyword with the help of this tool.

The first thing to do is to fill the captcha (i'm not a robot) by selecting your country in the language by putting your keyword in the box. After that you have to click on Perform Check.

Suggestion: If you do not want to fill the captcha, then you have to sign up on this Free Keyword research Tools Website

  1. After analyzing the suggested keywords, tick the keywords you need. (Example: I have ticked the first 3 keywords)
  2. To copy the keywords you have ticked, copy them by clicking on the Copy Text button in the left side.
  3. Now you can copy and save these keywords in Notepad and you will be able to use them according to your need.

My Thoughts:

Pros and Cons

At the end of this post I am sharing some of my thoughts with you.

If you are a new blogger then it w  2019,free keyword research tool.   ill be beneficial for you to use best free keyword research tools (website).Because if you think about using Paid Keyword research tools, then they are quite expensive.

The website about which I told you that this website also has some shortcomings, which is as follows-

  1. It is unable to search Hindi keywords.
  2. It shows CPC too much.
  3. Search volume shows very little on some keywords (compared to other websites like: Ubersuggest)

But if we analyze all aspects, then this website will be fine for you to do Keyword Research for free. You start from this and later move on to Paid Tools.

Tell us in the Comment box which website (tool) you use for Keyword Research, Free or Paid?

If you know of any other website that provides Keyword Research in Free, then let us know by commenting.

Verdict Of best free keyword research tools

I Think You Understand All Thinks About best free keyword research tools.If You Have Any Confusion and Questions Then Comment in the Below Comments Box.If You Have Any Quary Then Contact Us.


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