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11 Tricks To Increase Adsense Revenue

11 Tricks To Increase Adsense Revenue
Increase Adsense Earnings

How To Increase Adsense Earning

Adsense tips, with the help of which you will be able to double Adsense earnings but I am going to share with you the "11 Tricks To increase Adsense Earning " These Adsense Tricks have to be well read and understood by you well. Adsense earning increase, let's know these tricks for them.

I believe 100% your Adsense Revenue Increase after this.

Earning Adsense Depend on many things. Like what's your blog's niche? What is that Niche's CPC ? Which Blogs Are Used in Your Blog, Which Are Used To Have Your Blog Rank There are many Points like this.Depending on where Adsense Adsense CPC decides your blog.
What is your post on Which Keyword is the Most Matter Does Increasing or Decreasing Your Blog's Revenue.

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So let us know how to increase Adsense Revenue

# 01. Use High CPC Keyword

The best and legal way to increase Earning of Adsense is to use High CPC Keyword. Whatever you are posting. First search the keywords. Keep any of those Keyword's Search results as high and the Competition is low as your Main Keyword. And include all other keywords related to that article whose CPCs are high, add them all to your blog.

How To Find High CPC Keyword

If you have just begun your blog, then you may find it very difficult to search for high CPC keywords. For this, you can use free tools like Google Keyword planner, Keyword tool.

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# 02. Do not Violate Adsense Policy For Double Earning

If you want to be able to do Double Adsense Earnings, then it is most important that you follow the policies of Adsense. Do not ever violate Adsense policies.

If Google Adsense feels that you are violating its policies, then it can also give Penalty to your blog for it.

What is Google Adsense policy violation ?

Simply put, posting on your blog by copying content from someone's blog or website is called Google Adsense policy Violation.

So if you want to double Adsense Earning or want to increase Adsense Earning, never copy any content. Always write your content and write High Quality Content.

#3. Use Responsive Ads Unit

Always use the Responsive Ads Unit whenever you make Ads Placement.
If you use the Response Ads Unit in your blog, Ads Automatic will be converted to Mobile or Desktop mode, which will not cause any problems to the user and increase user engagement on your blog post.

# 4. Ads Placement

Ads Placement also has a lot of effect in your earnings. You have to place Ads without right and Violate Adsense Policy. You have to make Maximum 6 Ads Place in a Post.

Keep Auto Ads enabled in Blogs, to let Adsense place your Ads accordingly.
You will also have 'Adsense Earning Increase' from this.

# 5. Update Your Blog Regularly

Regular updating of Blog means that we have to continue publishing Regular Post.
If you can not publish Per Day, you can publish a Post in Week or Post Publish in Month.

But you have to keep moving this flow, that means if you do a post in the week, you have to publish a post in every week .
If talk about Official Updates then you should publish Minimum 3 Post in Week.

You will read any Adsense Tips, Tips for Regular Updates to Blog will be provided there.

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# 6. Make Website Faster

Many people have become confused how the website's speed can come in 'Adsense Earning Increase Tricks'.
Friends! Website Speed ​​helps you increase your "Adsense Earning" way, because if your website takes time to get loaded, Adsense Ads will not be the same.

And due to the slow speed of the website, users also get out of your site quickly, which increases your Bounce rate and has an impact on Earning by increasing Bounce Rate.

If Adsense is enabled in your blog, then you should not Minify your CSS more in the Speed ​​of Blog, or the ads will not show up.
If you have knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java Script, then you can increase the speed of Blog to Minimum 80-85%.

# 7. Remove Other Ad Network

Many bloggers join 'Adsense's Alternative Ads Network' for Double Adsense Earnings and that ads of that network are also included with Adsense.
You can also use Other Ad-Networks with Adsense, there will be no impact on your Adsense but your CPC may be down.

And you know how low your earning is due to lowering your CPC.
Even if clicks on your ads will also result in lower profit due to lower CPCs.
Therefore, only use Adsense in the blog or website to keep your CPC high

8. Use Standard Ad Size

Yes, you should use the standard Ad Size given by Adsense.Because Adsense optimizes all your ads in standard size. When you select a Custom Ad Size, there are many adsense adsense ads that do not support those custom ad sizes.So some ads do not display in that custom size.

That's why I suggest you to always use Standard Ad Size in your website or blog. This Fact is very important to increase Adsense Revenue and you should pay attention to it.

# 9 Use your Adsense Experiments

When you place ads on your blog, you can see and understand the statics of those ads from your Adsense Account. You have to see which type of ads have been clicked more.
For example, Text Ads, Banner Ads, Image Ads etc.

More Clicks have arrived on the ads. You have to use Ads of the same type in your blog. In the same way, you keep using Adsense and keep working as per your experience. You have to learn from yourself in Adsense Earning Increase.

# 10. Do not Greed Too Much

Double Adsense Earning You do not have to be greedy for more. We have included this point for this reason. Because many bloggers end up deactivating their Adsense account in the same way as Adsense Earning Increase.

And this is because they have an invalid activity on their blog. Those people start to self-click. And they begin to open their site again and again. This happens mostly with new bloggers.

So do not greed too much and do not even self-click at all. Do not even have more ads. Find more than 6-8 ads in a single post.

# 11. Build Audience on YouTube or Facebook

You have to build a good Audience on Facebook or Youtube. Compared to YouTube, Audience Build on Facebook is a bit easier. Therefore, you should create a Facebook Page on your Blog related or Blog related name, and keep publishing related posts from your blog on that page.

By which people will like your page and the popularity of your page will increase. When you have more Audience on your Page, you also submit the link to Article of your blog. This will increase social media engagement on blogs and earnings will also be good.

If you want more Likes on your Facebook page in less time then for this, you can create an Audience for your Facebook page soon by giving Facebook Campaign (paid) too soon.

 Suggestion + Tip and Tricks to Increase or Double Adsense Earning
Now at the end of this post I will give you some suggestions. After reading this our article or how to do Adsense Earning Increase, you must have got a little help.
Friends, I have a suggestion - when you start a blog, it will never happen that within 4-5 days of starting the blog, your blog will start coming to Organic Traffic. You have to wait because Blog takes time to become Index in Google Search Console and to rank it.
You should not think of Earning from the blog only after starting the blog. You do not have to think about high CPC keywords immediately. First of all you have to think about High Searches Keywords.

You have to find those keywords which have very high Searches on Keyword, even if those keywords do not have a CPC. You have to build your Audience in Start. Once you have a traffic problem on your blog, you will earn from Affiliate Marketing in addition to Adsense. But for all of these you have to be patient and keep working continuously.

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