Follow my blog with Bloglovin Samsung Galaxy S10E Specifications Price Full Review

Samsung Galaxy S10E Specifications Price Full Review

Samsung Galaxy S10E Review
Samsung Galaxy S10E Review

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S series this time, after 10 years of the Galaxy S series, it was surprisingly, there was a small and affordable flagship besides the S10E, i.e. the S10 and the S10 Plus. However, some people believe that Samsung has just gone on Apple's strategy. We had earlier reviewed the Galaxy S10 Plus and this time it was Chotu Ustad's turn.

The small is definitely, the price is less than the S10 but the S10E cheap phone is not so much, and it leaves no shortage in its style and performance. For nearly 10 days as a primary phone we used to feel like a fresh change.

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Display Specifications :-

The 5.8-inch screen, which runs six inches and above, looks different, the size is small but the display is not low, especially when the front camera comes inside the screen, it gives you a lot of display. Like the S10 it does not have 3D, but the fingerprint display also works very fast.
Samsung Galaxy S10E Review

S10E Specifications :-

The camera has two lenses instead of the rear three, and sensor monitoring heart rate is not there. But how many people use the phone to measure beats. Apps Edge is also in this phone, it will drag the screen to the right, it comes, but after some time there is no Curve screen with Edge in any Samsung flagship. On the left is a hot button for Voice Assist Bixby, which you can adjust to any other app by going to Settings. The full HD Dynamic Amoled display display does not shine in the light of daylight.

S10E Camera Specifications :-

The phone's rear camera has two lenses, 12 megapixel dual pixels and ultra wide 16 megapixels. It is easy to take photographs in low light, which is much more wide, i.e. to keep the canvas of the photo much bigger, this phone works very well. The software will also support you for using in pictures.
The front camera is 10 megapixels and will not disappoint you.

 S10E Hardware Specification :-

 You can also insert memory card with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM. Like the S10, its audio output is tremendous, the sound of stereo speakers is fun to play games or watch a movie.

 3100 mAh battery, gets out of the house all day, fast charging also gets the phone fast.

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Why Buy S10E :-

This is a good option for those who want to hire a small amount of money for a flagship phone. OnePlus 7 can also be entry next month. But Samsung Galaxy S has its own brand value.


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