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How to Easily Create a Featured Image for Your Blog Post

How to create Featured image on blog  post:-

Those who use Plateform both Blogger and Wordpress, these questions will definitely come in their mind.Because if you ever worked on Wordpress then you would know that there is an option to add a Featured Image or Featured Video to your post.

But this feature is not available on Blogger. You must have thought of "How to ad featured image on blog post". Today we are going to talk about this about this in our post.
How to Easily Create a Featured Image for Your Blog Post
How to Easily Create a Featured Image for Your Blog Post

There are many advantages to adding a Featured Image to your post. Therefore, Wordpress has given the option to add Featured Image to its Post Write Time Same Dashboard. But there is no such facility on Blogger.

Here we have to add a featured image to the post itself, which is done through a code.
If we do not add any featured image to the blog then Blogger, the first image used in that post, sets it like a featured image.

But this does not happen on Wordpress. There we set aside a Featured Image which is like Thumbnail and shows only in Main Menu and gives information about that post.

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So friends, let's know how to set a Featured Image in Blogger Post

This question can be written in the form of how to add thumbnail in blog post.
Because Featured Image works like thumbnail only.
Let's now know its steps, you can add Featured Image (Thumbnail) to your Blogger Post by following the steps.


In the Post you want to add a Featured Image (Thumbnail), after writing that Complete Post you have to add an image as you add Normal Image to Post.


In this step you have to link the image. If you do blogging on a computer or laptop, it will be easy. (See For PC)
Mobile will be a little hard but we will do it easily. (For Mobile User View)

For PC: You have to right click on that image and click on Copy Image Address to copy that image.

For Mobile User: If you are a mobile user and do blogging from Mobile, you will need to do Long Press on that image (which is your Image Uplaod and you want to create a Featured Image or Thumbnail).

By pressing Long Press you will have a pop-up open. As shown in the image below.

From the menu show, you have to click on the 'Open Image in new tab' option at the top. The image will open in a new tab. From there we will get a link to Image.

Copy the URL from the address bar shown in the image above.

 Where apply Featured image :-

Now it is interesting to know where to put a featured image in the blog post?
As you know, Blogger does not take the first image like the Featured mage (Thumbnail) in the default. So you have to post the code below just below the first paragraph of your post.

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What To Change The Code 

Paste your Keyword or Title instead of "Your ALT Tag Here" in Alt Tag.
Your Image Address Here is the address of the image which was copied.
Just added the Featured Image successfully to your Blogger Post. Now let us know that some of the benefits of Featured Image are that you can understand some of its values.

Benefits of Featured Image (Thumbnail)

The most important thing for a blog or website is to bring Traffic to Blog.
And all these people know that the easiest way to bring traffic to Blog is Social Media sites. When we share on any Post Social media sites, our Featured Image of Post becomes Thumbnail of the Post of that Social Site . So if we apply Attractive Featured Image (Thumbnail) then Clicks will come from Social Media.

By applying any image as a featured image, that image does not appear in our post but in our menu it appears in All Posts.

In the Featured Image you can show Summary of your post. By which visitors came to understand about that post and click on Visitors that Post.

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Make a Featured Image (Thumbnail) as Attractive but do not use it as ClickBait. Otherwise your blog's Bounce rate will be increased.

Verdict :-

It is important to create a Featured Image for new bloggers because the Maximum Visitors comes from Social Media only on New Blog. (Example: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc ..)
And on all these websites you get Clicks only when your Featured Image (Thumbnail) is Attractive.

New Blogger must implement the featured image in your blog.
If you have an old blog and that blog comes from Organic Traffic from Google and you do not share your blog on Link Social Media, then you can not apply a Featured Image to your liking.

There will be no effect on your blog from this.
Friends! In this post we know that "How To Set Featured Image on Blog Post.

If you have any questions related to this post, you can ask in the Comment Box.
Or you can tell your opinion in the Comment Box. Thanks For Visiting our Article.

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