Follow my blog with Bloglovin What is keyword Stuffing and how to avoid it

What is keyword Stuffing and how to avoid it

What is keyword Stuffing and how to avoid it

What is keyword Stuffing and how to avoid it

Do you know what keyword is Stuffing (What is Keyword Stuffing) and how it impacts SEO. If you want to know how to stop it, avoid the keyword spamming. All of these information will be available to you in this article. Every bloger wants his blog and post to be seen on Google's first page. But for this, he likes to take advantage of SEO, because a little bit, everyone knows that the page can be easily ranked from SEO.

Keywords research in SEO also needs to be kept in mind. Again in its affair, the keyword starts using the wrong methods and repeatedly in the post. For this reason, the rank and post of Blogger's site becomes rank down. There is also difference in income. The only reason behind all this is that I will talk about this article. Let's learn something new about blogging about what's late.

What is Keyword Stuffing ?

keyword stuffing is a technique to incorrectly rank the page and bring it into the first page in Google. In which a blogger page content and the same phrase in meta tags or which we and you call target keyword, it is repeat with artificial alarms between the contents of the page. To page rank first in search result. In this way the traffic of the site can also be increased. But it only works for a while

Now take an example "How to earn money from blogging, blogging should be done by everyone today, you have to wait long enough to be successful in blogging field. Can you do something in blogging? " Now here you will see how many blogging words have been used. This and we can say Keyword stuffing. If you are being repeatedly used to rank one sentence, then this does not make any difference to the word spamming.

keyword is nothing else that is the question the user searches in search engine. This technique is Google Guide Lines's Against. Or can you also speak Unethical SEO techniques? I would say it in my language "is the best way to rank the page incorrectly. But these methods do not last long in advance in front of Google's expert algorithm.

Where is Blogger Keyword Stuffing?

Now it is important to know that where one can repeat a word or phrase. Well, there are two special places where a Blogger makes this mistake. One inside the content and another within the meta tag. Its apartments are also two places. Where this mistake does. There is a possibility of Keyword stuffing at the page URL and in the Post Title. Let us know about this in detail.

Inside the blogger or content writer page, where the keywords should be kept from 1% to 2% There used to be 5% to 10% of words in the SERP affair. The same mistake Blogger means you are very costly. Do great things and focus on what users want.
Meta tag which also speaks in the blog spot. Here  Blogger uses keywords repeatedly. Just this, there is a mistake, but is it true, no? So type in the content that is in the meta tags. If possible, write within 140 to 160 words in the description itself.
Some bloggers in the post title also make a mistake. Some Writers also use phrases from 2 to 3 times, and increase the keyword density.
There are chances of having spamming words in the page title too. But do you know that bloggers also use Focus word 2 to 3 times in the Page title.

How Keyword Stuffing Affects SEO and Rank

So far you must have known what is Keword spamming Now it is important to know that whether this is really a Danger for SEO. Or can Google make your site banned or penalized? So the answer to all of these is yes, yes. Why did you go Now listen carefully what you can do. When you use this method. Know one by one

  • Whatever you have paid attention to SEO, it will be all useless on your article.
  • You will be wondering how far your post will go out of the search engine.
  • Your post is not shown in the SERP.
  • Site can also be penalized by using more of it.
  • If you are repeatedly repeating KEYWORD, then your site is likely to be temporary or temporary blocks.
  • Readers seem to be boring in posting and they will never again read your post again.
  • Article becomes boring by using this
  • Now the round has changed, this is not the time when Blogger Keyword stuffing would easily make the post rank in 1st page. Google is not spooky.

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